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Gilman District

Foothill Partners, Incorporated is a street retail property developer / owner based in El Dorado Hills, California and operating in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

The privately held company, founded in 1994 by Douglas Wiele, is regarded in the industry as among the region’s more progressive retail property developers. The strength of the company lies in a keen eye for urban economics, merchandising and land planning, and deep relationships with quality merchants.

Foothill Partners is committed to healthy communities. Our purpose is the re-integration of the Center of Commerce, the Center of Culture and the Center of Community. One property at a time, we work to return the center of commerce back to its historic and cultural place in the center of our communities.

Foothill Partners is focused on infill neighborhood-scale retail and retail-based mixed-use projects. The company acquires, develops and operates properties in partnership with private and institutional real estate equity funds.

Foothill Partner’s criteria for real estate projects and investments is simply stated:

infill properties

in communities with

higher levels of education,

and high barriers to entry.

In these sorts of locations, where the physical and political barriers to new development are high, supply is constrained, and demand for great places and spaces is always strong.

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